Ultimate Sales Freedom

Module 1 Bonus!
Lesson 1 Book Your Complimentary Strategy Call Here  
Module 2 Your Performance Expectations
Lesson 1 Meet Gabe Arnold  
Lesson 2 Performance Expectations  
Lesson 3 Sales Goals  
Module 3 Lastpass, Bookmarks, and Our Digital World
Lesson 1 How to Use Lastpass + More  
Lesson 2 Turning Off Chrome Password Management  
Module 4 What is Sales?
Lesson 1 What is Sales?  
Lesson 2 Things to Avoid in Sales  
Module 5 The 7 Parts of a Successful Sales Pitch
Lesson 1 Step 1: Listen First  
Lesson 2 Step 2: The Big Idea  
Lesson 3 Step 3: External Forces  
Lesson 4 Step 4: Explain the Problem  
Lesson 5 Step 5: Introduce the Solution  
Lesson 6 Step 6: The Team  
Lesson 7 Step 7: Close the Deal with a Trial  
Module 6 What Products and Services Does BME Offer?
Lesson 1 An Overview of BME Services  
Lesson 2 BME Services Further Explained  
Lesson 3 Design Work & Other Creative Services  
Lesson 4 Development & Technical  
Lesson 5 Marketing  
Lesson 6 Writing  
Lesson 7 Lead Generation Services - Fully Explained  
Lesson 8 In Order to Win More - Control Everything  
Module 7 How to Use Our Software Tools
Lesson 1 The Multi-Touch Approach  
Lesson 2 How to Stand Out with Your Cold Outreach  
Lesson 3 Dialpad Training  
Lesson 4 Making a Call in Dialpad  
Lesson 5 Receiving a Call in Dialpad  
Lesson 6 Adjusting Your Audio Settings  
Lesson 7 Three Way Calling  
Lesson 8 Record Your Calls  
Lesson 9 Record and Check Your Voicemail  
Lesson 10 Sending Texts and Messages in Dialpad  
Lesson 11 Managing Your Devices  
Lesson 12 Accessing Your Analytics  
Lesson 13 Streak Training (Only Watch if Your Manager Has Not Given You Yesware Yet)  
Lesson 14 How to Segment a List for Sending in Streak  
Lesson 15 Importing Boxes Into Streak and Send Initial Outreach Email  
Lesson 16 How to Create a Campaign, Schedule and Send via Streak  
Lesson 17 How to Save Time With Canned Responses (Snippets) in Streak, Plus Snoozing  
Lesson 18 Yesware Training (Only if you are not using Streak)  
Lesson 19 Creating an Email Template  
Lesson 20 How to Setup a Mail Merge  
Lesson 21 Pipedrive  
Lesson 22 Scheduling Activity in Pipedrive  
Lesson 23 Prospecting on LinkedIn  
Lesson 24 Using Skrapp.io  
Lesson 25 Customizing the Mail Merge CSV from Skrapp.io  
Module 8 The Soft Skills You Need to Be Successful in Sales
Lesson 1 What are Soft Skills?  
Lesson 2 Soft Skills Overview  
Lesson 3 The Science of Persuasion  
Lesson 4 The Small Big  
Lesson 5 The Small Big Part 2  
Lesson 6 Confidence Language Coaching  
Module 9 How to Close the Deal (and Get PAID!)
Lesson 1 The Alternative Close  
Lesson 2 The Pressure Close - Time  
Lesson 3 The Pressure Close - Bonuses  
Lesson 4 The Risk Free Close  
Lesson 5 The Trial Close  
Lesson 6 The Logic Close  
Module 10 How to Deal with Objections When You're Trying to Close
Lesson 1 How to Handle Objections  
Module 11 The Formula for Success
Lesson 1 The Formula for Success  
Lesson 2 Relationships  
Lesson 3 Feed Your Success  
Module 12 Ready to Get Started? Here's How You Crush It With Sales Calls
Lesson 1 Cold Calling Success Tips Part 1  
Lesson 2 Cold Calling Success Tips Part 2  
Lesson 3 Cold Calling Success Tips Part 3  
Module 13 Advanced Closing Training
Lesson 1 The Three Stages of Sales  
Lesson 2 Power - Process - Package  
Lesson 3 Why You Need A.R.C.  
Lesson 4 Detailed Closing Call Example  
Module 14 Bonus CRM Training: Hubspot
Lesson 1 Hubspot Contact Creation  
Lesson 2 Hubspot Contact Creation Customization  
Lesson 3 Hubspot Deals Tracking Video Overview  
Lesson 4 Hubspot Tasks and Snippets  
Module 15 Scripts
Lesson 1 Niche Specific Logic Close Scripts