Module 1 Course Introduction: Setting the Foundation
Lesson 1 Exercise Links and References  
Lesson 2 Effective Learning Strategies: Maximize Your Course Benefits  
Lesson 3 How to Generate and Drive Traffic to Destinations  
Module 2 Understanding Your Client
Lesson 1 Exercise: Deep Dive Into Your Client Profile  
Lesson 2 How to Gather Missing Client Profile Information  
Lesson 3 Straight From the Source: The Importance of Customer Surveys  
Lesson 4 Q&A: Do I Need to Understand My Existing Clients or My Ideal Clients?  
Lesson 5 Q&A: Do I Need to Identify My Least Desirable Client?  
Module 3 Content That Attracts Your Ideal Client
Lesson 1 How to Identify Client Needs and Wants  
Lesson 2 The Ethical Use of Fear: Protecting Your Client  
Lesson 3 Exercise: Create Content that Attracts, Engages, and Retains  
Lesson 4 Content Optimization: Use Your Customer's Words  
Lesson 5 Q&A: How to Write Effective Copy  
Module 4 Destinations: Where to Send Your Clients
Lesson 1 Choosing a Destination You Control  
Lesson 2 The 7 Things Your Destination Needs  
Lesson 3 Exercise: Create Your Destination Draft  
Lesson 4 Q&A: Do Effective Destinations All Look The Same?  
Module 5 Generate Consistent Traffic to Grow Your Business
Lesson 1 Time or Money? When to Invest Each  
Lesson 2 Exercise: Create Your "I Help" Statement  
Lesson 3 Where Do Your Ideal Customers Hang Out?  
Lesson 4 Get Started with Organic Traffic Sources  
Lesson 5 Identifying the Best Paid Traffic Sources to Expand Your Business  
Lesson 6 Q&A: Working Through an "I Help" Statement Together  
Module 6 Putting It All Together
Lesson 1 Exercise: Know and Honor Your Self Worth  
Lesson 2 Exercise: Invest in Your Own Success  
Lesson 3 Thank You Message and Next Steps