Podcaster 123 Course

Module 1 Setting the Stage
Lesson 1 Welcome to Podcaster 123!  
Lesson 2 The 5 Key Components of a Revenue-Generating Podcast  
Lesson 3 The Most Important People That You Must Have In Your Team—In Order to Have A Successful Podcast  
Lesson 4 The Dirty-Dog-Beautiful Concept: How to Use it for Your Podcast  
Lesson 5 The #1 Productivity Hack You Should Practice to Reach Your Goals  
Lesson 6 How to Use Future Pacing to Help Your Clients Achieve Success  
Lesson 7 Module 1 Recap  
Module 2 Discover Your Show
Lesson 1 How to Create an Outstanding Podcast  
Lesson 2 The Do's and Don'ts of Naming Your Podcast  
Lesson 3 The Grid Exercise Explained: Here's What You Need to Know  
Lesson 4 The 'Choose' Method and How it Can Help Boost Your Show's Quality  
Lesson 5 The Secret Structure of Creating Killer Podcast Content  
Lesson 6 The Most Powerful Question You Must Ask Interviewees to Instantly Turn Your Podcast From Good to Great  
Lesson 7 Module 2 Recap  
Module 3 Technology Set-Up
Lesson 1 Must-Have Tools to Grow Your Podcast  
Lesson 2 What is Calendly and How Does it Work?  
Lesson 3 Zoom For Podcasts: The Pros and Cons  
Lesson 4 How to Maximize Your Podcast Reach With Facebook  
Lesson 5 How YouTube Can Amplify Your Podcast's Success  
Lesson 6 Why BuzzSprout Is a Game Changer for Aspiring Podcasters  
Lesson 7 What is WeVideo and Why You Should Start Using it Now  
Lesson 8 Is Your Podcast Ready? Only One Way To Find Out...  
Lesson 9 Module 3 Recap  
Module 4 Now Playing
Lesson 1 How to Create a Killer Pilot Podcast  
Lesson 2 How to Get Podcast Guests and What Questions You Should Ask  
Lesson 3 Podcaster123 Manager  
Lesson 4 Things to do Before Recording Your First Episode  
Lesson 5 Best Platforms to Promote Your Podcast  
Lesson 6 How to Keep Your Podcast Consistent  
Lesson 7 Module 4 Recap  
Module 5 Review and Grow
Lesson 1 Metrics You Should Look at For Your Podcast  
Lesson 2 Why Reviewing Your First Episode is Crucial For Your Podcast's Future  
Lesson 3 Tips to Make Guests and Fans LOVE You Even More  
Lesson 4 How to Land Great Podcast Guests  
Lesson 5 Invest and Improve in your Interviewing Skills  
Lesson 6 Module 5 Recap  
Module 6 Turning Your Guest to Client
Lesson 1 How to Convert Your Guest to a Client  
Lesson 2 Guest Turns to Client: Now What? & What is OTO And How Can They Help Your Podcast?  
Lesson 3 The 4 Magic Questions That Will Separate Your Podcast From Others  
Lesson 4 How to Get Referrals From Your Guests & What You Need to Know About Giftology  
Lesson 5 Module 6 Recap  
Module 7 Congratulations for Completing the Course!
Lesson 1 Takeaways From Podcaster123