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What can Podcaster 123 do for you?

Grow your audience

by expanding your reach, appealing to a larger audience and promoting yourself-- starting at day one.

Train you as a leader

by teaching you how to start your show step-by-step, access the right technology and hold yourself accountable.

Transform you into a top-tier host

by providing you with the framework for perfect interviews, guest-interaction tips and steps to refine your storytelling skills.

Starting a podcast is a phenomenal way to connect with potential clients, engage with your network and establish yourself as a subject matter expert in your field.

These days, anyone can start a podcast about anything.

The real question is:

how do you make your podcast successful?

That’s where Podcaster 123 comes in!

About the Course

Podcaster123 is an A-to-Z course that takes you from a simple idea to a pipeline filled with potential customers and cash flow!

Don't know what to start a podcast about? Don't worry, the first module will help you determine that! Not sure what technology you'll need? We got you covered there as well!

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to connect with your guests in a way that creates genuine relationships that ultimately lead to profits and referrals.

Common Questions

  • What’s the timeline?
    The timeline is extremely flexible. We suggest dedicating two hours to the program each week, for at least two weeks. With some time for practice in between
  • What is the start date?
    The start date is whenever you want!
  • Is it an online program that I can take when I have time?
    Yes, it is! The video lessons are broken into an average length of five minutes each, so you can take it one video at a time.

What Will You Learn Through Our 6 Carefully Crafted Modules?


Setting the Stage

In module one, you’ll set the stage for your podcast journey by learning who you need around you to be a successful podcaster, the dirty-dog-beautiful framework for completing projects and future pacing so you know where you’re going.


Discover your show

Module two is where you’ll work on discovering your show, from naming it to picking a theme. Get insight on how to structure the show so you achieve your goals and how to always highlight your guest.


Technology Set-Up

In the third module of the course, you’ll work on developing your One Powerful Question, learn how to best set up your technology and get all the recommended tech to use.


Now Playing

In module four, you get to dive into guest outreach. Gabe gives advice on best practices for managing your guests, walks you through recording episode one and gives tips on promoting your show.


Review and Grow

Module five is all about growth. Review your first episode, learn how and why you should mirror your guest, what makes a bad interview and how you can always improve.


Guest to Client

The last module of the course focuses on transitioning from guest to client. Learn the “4 magic questions,” what referral plans can do for you and everything you need to know about giftology.

Stage-setting fundamentals (how to name your show, picking a theme, your dirty-dog-beautiful structural framework, how to cultivate a team that drives success)
Essentials of being an engaging host (guest outreach, guest management, who to pick to interest your listeners, highlighting guests, finding your superpower)
Technology 101 (our expert recommendations for your tech stack, how to set up everything you need, hardware and software basics)
Time management skills (pacing yourself to know where you’re headed, completing projects on time, pinpointing overarching goals and how to achieve them)
Recording principles (getting over the hurdle of your first recording experience from point A to point B, the power of when to listen and when to talk)
Interviewing mastery (why and how you should mirror your guest, bad vs good interviews, quick tips and tricks to improve, developing questions your audience can’t stop thinking about)
Business marketing (promoting your show, how to grow your own brand with your podcast, long-term growth strategy, reviewing and editing for overall success, referrals)
Transitioning (smooth switches from guest to client, the four magic questions, giftology)
Gabe Arnold

About Gabe

Gabe Arnold is the CEO of Business Marketing Engine and the host of the podcast "Today's Business Leaders". While building deep relationships with his guests, he realized that his podcast was responsible for over six figures of revenue with no advertisers.

After analyzing exactly where and how the revenue was generated, Gabe has decided to share the skills and tactics you need through Podcaster123 so everyone is able to experience the same success.

See what people are saying


Going through the class, Gabe outlined and helped structure both what the show would look like and the content that we could talk about, as well as how it could be of value both to my audience and to the people that I was interviewing.

It’s been a fantastic learning experience for me and I’m excited to be launching here shortly.

Gabe and his entire team made the entire process a lot easier than I ever expected it could be, I can’t recommend this enough if [podcasting] is something that you’re considering doing for your business, or even an interest that you want to share with an audience.

David Van Deman
Owner of Van Deman Photography, host of the Photographer's Lair podcast

You can be very creative, you can have a lot of ideas but if you don’t have the structure and the process and the flow of how you have to do it, it’s hard to do it cause you want to do everything at the same time!

But Gabe has already spent the time, and he can give you the step-by-step on how to do it.

Everything is already done, everything is already scheduled, they say he’s putting everything on the tray. It’s up to you how you want to handle it.

Veronica Stevens
Insurance and Subcontracting Services

Before I embarked on taking Gabe’s class in podcasting, the only thing I knew about podcasting was from listening to a few episodes.

I knew nothing about how to start a show, how to be a host, or what steps were needed to take in order to be successful.

Gabe helped me to understand just how easy it is. He helped me understand how to be a great host, how to make the show all about your guest, what questions to ask, and how to get your guest to open up.

What I really loved is how he helped me understand how I could add value to the community with my services and knowledge, and at the same time increase my business

Leslie Sepe
Life Coach, Owner of Courageous Confidence: Ignite Your Power and Potential